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Commercial Construction

Everything You Need for Your Next Commercial Project

Our team at Tate Construction pride ourselves on our strong commercial project portfolio that we have been accomplishing in the Margaret River region for over 20 years. We are confident that with our quality and qualified tradespeople, we have everything you need to complete your commercial project.

Large commercial projects have many moving parts and, therefore, require a great importance on communication and project management. We understand the importance of completing work on time and make it our prerogative to instil personal involvement and care in order to achieve the best outcome for all of our stakeholders and clients.


Proudly Promoting and Supporting Local Contractors

We have an extensive experience of successfully working with multiple local contractors and tradespeople to ensure that the completion of our commercial work is on time and to an exceptional standard.

Tate Construction proudly supports local contractors with proven ability and professionalism, as we believe that they play an integral part in our success. We consider the promotion of local employment on projects to be an imperative aspect for the continued growth of all regional communities.

Got a Commercial Project?

Feel free to contact the Tate Construction team today to discuss any commercial project that we can assist you with.

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